End Of Suffering

Araz Jakalian
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End Of Suffering

The EGO Hacking Framework And Method.


Araz Jakalian, Ph.D.

This PDF eBook outlines a new framework and method to define and eliminate suffering. It's called EGO Hacking, and the framework and method presented here is very powerful, it has the potential to easily reduce and/or eliminate any type of suffering.

Table Of Contents

Part I: Introduction

  • What Is Suffering?
  • What Is EGO Hacking

Part II: The Axioms

  • The 3 Axioms Of EGO Hacking
  • Axiom 1
  • Axioms 2 & 3

Part III: The Framework

  • The EGO Hacking Framework
  • The 3 Levels Of The EGO Hacking Framework
  • The Physical Body, Brain & Thought
  • The Mind (EGO)
    • Belief System Database
    • Perception Of Reality
    • Emotion
    • Decision, (re)-Action
    • Fear

Part IV: The Method

  • The EGO Cycle
  • EGO Markers
  • Awareness
  • Awareness Exercises
  • Deconstructing The Towers Of Belief
  • The Process
  • Example 1: Polluting Is Wrong
  • Example 2: The Sports Car
  • The Bottom Floor - The Last Belief
  • Where Do You Go From Here?

Part V: Closing

  • The Story Of My Search
  • Definitions
  • Teachers/Books & About Me

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End Of Suffering

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